Taught by seasoned storyteller, Sam Patterson, this 9-week workshop will guide you through the evolution of your story from concept to fully formed story with compelling characters and engaging visual storytelling.

The outcome of the workshop will give the participant tools and insights into how to develop story ideas, characters and dialogue culminating in the writing of a short script or webisode. ScriptCamp: Crafting Your Story runs from September 13th until November 22nd. There are two weeks off within this time frame to allow you enough time to complete some of the key exercises.  All sessions will take place at The Factory Media Centre on James Street North.

In this era of DIY filmmakers, the art of crafting a great story often loses when pitted against the filmmaker’s desire to ‘just get it made.’ Understanding the mechanics of how to tell a great story sets the foundation for all the creative processes that come after; learn to build a great foundation and the effectiveness of your storytelling will improve exponentially. 
Jeff Boulton Founder + Managing Partner, Crafthaus Ltd.


  • To familiarize participants with a practical understanding of screenwriting terminology and formats.
  • To introduce participants to the tools and techniques to help them in development of ideas, characters and scripts­.
  • To enable the participants to understand the script development process.
  • To aid the participant in developing a portfolio of concepts and ideas to use in developing screenplays.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of taking this seminar the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the process of constructing and completing a short screenplay/webisode.
  • Articulate a practical understanding of screenwriting concepts.
  • Understand the storytelling language inherent in film, video and television.
  • To structure and properly format screenplays.

Workshop Schedule

Workshops runs Saturday mornings from 9am-12pm as noted below.

WEEK 1: Building Blocks (Sept. 13)
WEEK 2: Source Material (Sept. 20)
WEEK 3: Pitching & Character (Sept. 27)
WEEK 4: Structure  (Oct. 4)

WEEK OFF (Oct. 11)

WEEK 5: Pitch Session  (Oct. 18)
WEEK 6: Formatting (Oct. 25)
WEEK 7: Writing Visually (Nov. 1)
WEEK 8: Distilling the Essential (Nov. 8)

WEEK OFF (Nov. 15)

WEEK 9: Table Reads  (Nov. 22)

Download the syllabus here.


Thank you so much for the tons of useful knowledge I garnered from ScriptCamp. I have been stuck in a creative rut for some time and I thought this might be an interesting way to expand my storytelling horizons. It was brilliant—entertaining, fun, informative, and, most importantly, relevant. You gave us plenty of information to take away to which we can refer. Sam is a great teacher and the workshop was a joy to be a part of. I feel like I have a ton of great stories to tell, and now I have the tools to make that happen. Thanks, Sam and Jeff!
Jason Diesbourg Animator


ScriptCamp: Crafting Your Story

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