Sam spent 25 years as a freelance actor, director and designer before expanding his career into film and television.

Sam’s directing career spanned everything from new and experimental works in theatre to grand opera. In 1997, he helped co-found a theatre company called THEM, Inc. in Chicago. While serving as Associate Artistic Director, he wrote Wit and Moonlight: A Paper Courtship adapting the letters of George Bernard Shaw and the actress Ellen Terry. The Chicago Sun-Times called it “a lovely theatrical dance.” Having received a Master of Fine Arts degree in theatre in 1982, he embarked on the quest for a second MFA—this time in film—in 2001. He worked at WTTW in Chicago before immigrating to Canada in 2006.

While working on his thesis film, Sam taught screenwriting at Columbia College Chicago. After moving to Canada, he taught screenwriting and communication courses at Trebas Institute in Toronto.

Sam’s films have been seen in festivals and on TV. Flying Above This Life (which he wrote, directed and edited) premiered on the program Image Union. Another of his films, Short Trip Home, (which he also wrote, directed and edited) premiered at the Reeling Film Festival. He has also worked as an Editor for companies including Dante Media Group and Arc Productions.

Sam is currently working on several feature scripts including: The Good Son, about a boy who tries to escape his decaying family through singing; Trilby, a modern-day retelling of the novel by Georges Du Maurier about a young man who becomes obsessed with a young woman who, herself, falls under the influence of a ne’er-do-well musician; No Man’s Land, follows a group of older gay men navigating in a world obsessed with youth culture; and Mama, about a self-involved hedonist who has to put his life on hold to take care of his dying mother from whom he has been estranged.