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Here's what we're working on now.

White Falls - Poster

White Falls

Two pairs of siblings brought together by fate hole up inside a dilapidated home in the frozen Canadian wilderness while attempting to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Type: Feature Film
Genre: Horror
Sub-genres: Zombie, Body Horror

Cashtown Corners - Poster

Cashtown Corners

A middle-aged man has a psychotic break and begins a murder spree that leaves him struggling to escape the evil of his own actions and his descent into pure madness.

Based on the novel by Tony Burgess.

Type: Feature Film
Genre: Horror
Sub-genres: Psychological, Madness & Paranoia, Body Horror

Book Trailer

This is the trailer for the book presented by publisher ChiZine.



A trio of 12-year-old outsiders learn the power of friendship, teamwork, and belonging during the 1972 Summit Series between Canada and the Soviet Union.

Type: Feature Film
Genre: Drama
Sub-genres: Family, Historical, Inspirational



A group of young friends in 1988 discover two bodies while making a movie, only to discover that the son of the murdered couple is missing and there’s a killer on the loose in their small town.

Type: Feature Film
Genre: Thriller
Sub-genres: Murder Mystery, Coming of Age

Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree

After a horrible shooting occurs at a neighbouring high school, a socially awkward student falls into hot water after accidentally using finger guns while talking to someone. It’s tough to be a teen in the age of social media, hypersensitivity, and the politicizing of everything.

Type: Series (Half-Hour or Digital Short)
Genre: Comedy
Sub-genres: Dramedy, Young Adult, Coming of Age